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No Doubt www.chinatyreonline.com offers the tyres with a saving potential 15-25% in cost along with the saving from performance.Range of tyres complying to the Highest Quality Standards from Bureau of Indian Standards in India can be selected based on application and expectation from tyre in terms of Tyre life,fuel saving,heavy duty,on road off road application,standard application etc.

Transport and other Industries have seen the success in Chalak Malak format in past to reduce the expense,same way now with the global companies entering India its time to explore the tyre reselling possibilities.You have recommended what you have liked,what you liked you have tested some time.Time has change the way you have set your opinion about Imported tyres.Get benefited by testing fast as many leading companies already shifted about 90% purchase to us,remaining 10% we also recommend to give opportunity to other new and keep testing ,we don't know which day some better tyre in terms for better cost per kilometer will be available. So far YES we can offer the Lowest Cost/Km tyres due to initial cost as well as saving from high performance.Further its time you to seriously think of investing in tyres as seller in your network you can at least start the tyre business with a Investment equal to a new truck/bus.Higher Investments will be encouraged for Pvt Branded Tyre with your company name. So what are you waiting for?

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